Hello good people! Welcome to Part II of my adventures in Butler County. Once I was settled in my hotel and full from dinner, I gotta admit I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night. As I walked back to my hotel room, I saw a light beaming across the sky like a Batman sign. It beaconed to me and I was too curious to resist the call. It’s movie time y’all.

Rad movie theater!

Liberty Center is home to Cobb Liberty Luxury 15 & Cinébistro and it is everything! I purchased a ticket to the Cinebistro which requires all patrons to be 21+. YASSSSS. Like a 21 year old entering their first bar, I skipped my way inside and was dazzled by what stood in front of me.

The bar for the grown and sexy.

I ordered a shot of bourbon with a piece of smoked infused ice. This drink has completely changed the bourbon game for me. Correction: it’s changed the way I view ice in my drinks. I can’t go back to ice that doesn’t have a lil extra sumthin going on. Please don’t step to me with ice out a machine. If it hasn’t been cut by hand or molded, I am not having it. In fact, I’m going to make a bold predication and say that 2018 will be the year of artisan ice. It’s going to be a thing, just wait!

Ahem. Moving right along…

I enjoyed the movie, called it a night and was ready to roll the next day to my first stop, the InsideOut Studio located in Hamilton, Ohio! The InsideOut Studio is a unique treasure as it provides artists with disabilities the opportunity to create custom designs at the on-site creative workshop. From coffee mugs to keepsakes boxes, there is much to explore in this unique studio that’s full of love and inspires hope.

InsideOut Studio!

The studio has numerous glass and color combinations for custom requests.

After strolling around Hamilton I was jonesing for some Sunday speed cruising and couldn’t think of a better place to go than the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum to get my golf cart swag on.

Picture me rolling.

The Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is such a lovely place and adds to what makes Butler County a hidden gem. The sculptures are unique and magnificent pieces of art. I really appreciated that patrons can walk right up to the sculpture and touch it! For those of us that can’t help but hit all the red buttons, our sensory needs will be more than satisfied after an afternoon jaunt at the park.  Make sure to stop into the Sculpture Museum while you’re there. The history inside is fascinating and definitely worth visiting while you’re there. Below are my three favorite pieces from the park.


Unique arrangement


My absolute favorite piece.

After my adventures at Pyramid Hill I decided to slow the day down and relax a bit. The Hanover Winery was the perfect stop! The McDonald family has been stomping on grapes for over 17 years, and became available to the public 10 years ago. The McDonald family stole my heart simply because of their passion for wine, and I fell head over heels as I listened to the love they have for their community and for dogs. The winery schedules several events that benefit nonprofit organizations.

Prize Winning Wine Selection

I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to visit a winery and NOT participate in a tasting. You know I’m never one to disobey the law. I put together a wine to red combination taking recommendations from staff along the way. I enjoyed every wine I tasted with Sweet Lizzy being one of my absolute faves.

Wine Tasting

Butler County Visitors Bureau – thank you for an awesome springtime adventure. I hope to one day return for further exploration and donut eating fun. Aside from the few awkward moments, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am happy for this opportunity to make your aquaintance. Until next time, keep the local love alive!