Oh bacon. How I love to love you. There was a brief moment in time when people talked about you to the point that we ALMOST had to part ways. Talk about the most intense 3 minutes of my life. I know we both agree that was a scary and frightening experience for us. I don’t regret it though because it brought us closer than I could ever hope, ever imagine. That’s why I knew there was no where else I would rather be to celebrate us than the  2017 Bacon Fest. An opportunity to pay homage to the tasty delight which is bacon is something I can definitely get in front of!

Maple Bacon Churro – Barroluco


I must say that the Bacon Fest exceeded my expectations. I loved the set up with the foods trucks outlining the area at Columbus Commons which made for super easy line management. The festival offers an array of packages to choose from, including a VIP option that is let into the festival an hour early. I arrived at the end of the VIP hour and must it’s worth the cost to get in early because you will literally avoid long lines. Even arriving right when the festival began, we didn’t stand in any line more than 5 minutes, with a wait of about 10 minutes for our food at each truck. When you get into the second hour of the festival, the lines are longer and you need to expect an extended, and worthwhile wait for exclusive festival offerings like the churro pictured above from Barrolucco, the 2017 Food Truck Festival winner.

Paella – Barrolucco

While there were several new (to me) trucks at the festival, Chicky Chicky Waffle is one I won’t forget! Serving what is possibly the moistest chicken off a truck, they came to hype the crowd up with battered bacon and bacon waffles. That’s right good people, the waffle batter had pieces of bacon throughout and its was OFF THE CHAIN! Add five syrup options to the mix and you’ll find yourself in a  slap delicious situation.


This bacon was incredible and only available in the VIP lounge.

In addition to VIP folks getting early access, there was also a pretty sweet private lounge available with delicious noms, including two different types of bacons, drank, drinks, frozen treats,  and my favorite chips in the universe by OH! Chips. Word on the street is that there was an ultimate package that was super litty and gave patrons a free sample of something ultra tasty on every truck. Now that’s how you festival!


My favorite part of the festival was hands down the company. I brought my best friend with me, my mama.😘


I’ll see you around the city soon!