Hello good people! So this winter I started upon a new eating adventure which is a very big deal for me. I’ve struggled my entire life to figure out “the right way” to eat and recently discovered I had a major mental block to some things that happened in the past that caused me to have a really dysfunctional view of food. Now that I’ve been able to address that block with some good old fashioned EFT, I’m ready to conquer the world! Armed with a new nutritional mindset, I decided to try an eating style that I’ve always been intrigued with – ketogenic. Now, y’all, please, PLEAAASSSEEE don’t slay me for the eating style I’ve currently decided to follow. There are critics on both sides of every eating regimen, and for today this is the one I’m enjoying.


My friends and I are planning a pretty boss Superbowl Party next month and I was searching for a little sumthin, sumthin, special I could bring and was stoked when I checked out Bellisari’s website which easily provides the nutritional content of their products.

At Bellisari’s, we strive to make that gourmet appetizer, entrée or even a breakfast something that tastes amazing but doesn’t take a long time or lots of ingredients to prepare.


Now I know you’re saying “Ummm Robin, who is Bellisari’s? I would love to tell you! Bellisari’s is a Columbus, Ohio local business that creates delicious spreads and sauces that are paired up with awesome recipes that are easy to follow. Are you wondering why I droned on about my eating journey earlier? I swear there is a point! It’s because Bellisari’s has several spreads that are super low in carbs with hardly in sugar yet SUPER TASTY. Score!


Counting carbs isn’t something I’ve done in the past and I must confess that at times it’s been sooo overwhelming reading all these labels and hard passing when I see ingredients I’ve never heard of and even can’t pronounce. That’s not the case with Bellisari’s – although I get a little tongue tied with xanthan.



Bellisari’s line-up currently includes 4 spreads and 2 burger sauces. These tasty accompaniments can be found in stores all over the city. Check the locator here. If you refuse to venture outside in this Snowmagedon, you can order online too!

Y’all stay warm and I hope to see you around the city soon!



*Please note I received two complimentary bottles of Bellisari’s spread. All photos are property of Bellisari’s.