Hello good people! The sun is breaking free from the winter vortex and warm weather is here which means festivals, and vendor markets will be aplenty and boy oh boy how I love these! As my friends can attest I get wrapped up at each booth because I love learning about each maker’s unique story. In fact I had an opportunity to learn a bit more about one exceptional maker earlier this year and I gotta tell you, it’s a game changer.

What caught my eye about  Chef Joshua Cox’s a.k.a. Chef JC’s booth was that I’ve never seen his product genre locally produced so of course I had to stop and figure out a way to hear his life story! After pursuing his impressive line-up, and learning about his process, it was obvious to me that this shy guy is crafting up something fresh for all you bakers and shakers out there!

Here’s a few cool facts about the man extracting for extracts:

  • He began making extracts in 2012 as gifts and the response was so overwhelming the gift receivers wanted to become gift givers of his product!
  • He has tackled the difficult task of creating a coconut extract – from actual coconuts*!
  • His full-time hustle is slanging tasty entrees at the Raceway.
  • His long term goal is to expand distribution of Chef JC’s so that more people have access to extract done the right way, with the best ingredients. He recently released a new barrel aged line!
  • Chef Joshua currently offers 9 different extracts ranging from coffee to lime.

I’m no baker and have happily discovered many wonderful ways to use my Chef JC’s extracts. I especially enjoy using them to jazz up my cocktails and coffee drinks. I recently whipped up some cream and added a splash of madagascar – life altering! If you’re feeling adventurous and want to check out some really cool recipes that you can use extracts with, head to Village Bakery. You’ll find all sorts of awesome recipes and tips to jazz up your time in the kitchen.

I know you’re ready to snag yourself a bottle…or three! Click here to explore the line-up, drop a quick email to Chef Joshua with your order and prepare your taste buds for pure delight and enjoyment.

Take it easy and stay breezy peeps! I’ll see you around the city soon.



*Not available for purchase|some products mentioned in this post were received at no cost|compensation received for some links within the post