I remember the day fondly. My favorite southern guy wanted to check out a new spot in the city in an area with horrible parking. He told me to meet me at his house and he would Lyft us there. I was SOOOO excited. I’d never used any type of car service before and was quite curious about it. Fast forward 20 minutes later and we were climbing into a Ford Explorer, to greet our driver Max.

It was life changing for me. Max told us the most amazing stories of ex’s chasing after his vehicle because they thought their old beau had moved on. Of tipsy college kids scheduling rides to the wrong places. Oh what glorious tells were told; I was hooked and wanted more of it! Candidly, I was a bit nervous to use a car service solo but I had so much work travel this year that it became a necessity.

Here’s a few things I learned from using car services this year:

  • Drivers will say that it’s cool to sit in the front seat but are rarely prepared for it.
  • Schedule early morning rides in advance.
  • If you have to be somewhere at a particular time, always schedule your ride in advance.
  • Some cities offer ride share prices which are less expensive than full fare but be prepared to arrive at your destination at a later time. Never choose this option if you have a time restraint.
  • Don’t expect the latest and greatest model cars
  • Lyft was a cheaper choice than Uber

Okay, so I know you’re looking at my last bullet point and thinking, “Well of course you’re saying that Robin, Lyft sponsored this post.” While that is true I began using car services well before I landed this sweet partnership with Lyft and no matter the city or destination, Lyft was always less expensive, and spoiler alert, many of the drivers are contracted with both companies and make the same statement! While I can’t offer any strong opinion on which one is better to work with because I have very little knowledge on the subject, I can tell you that Lyft’s customer service is top notch and they address issues immediately. Want to hear a story about it, here it goes!

One of my very favorite performers is Panic At The Disco. I recently realized I’ve watched Brendon perform live more times than any other artist which all music heads know is a big deal. Of course I was stoked to watch him perform at Nationwide Arena this summer and felt it was a perfect opportunity to use the nifty Lyft app and get a ride there so I wouldn’t have to worry about parking and fight the traffic at the end of the concert. It was my perfect plan. Fast forward to my Lyft driver showing up, parking in front of my neighbors house as I stood at the end of my drive waving them down. After what felt like a two minute standoff the driver finally pushed the gas and moseyed my way. It was at this moment I knew this was going to be an interesting experience.

As we made our way to the freeway I noticed that the driver hadn’t turn on the air conditioner and STILL had all four windows rolled down. I gotta tell you there is nothing and I mean nothing quite like 68 MPH 95ºF wind slapping you in the face and ruining your hairstyle! After a few minutes I for the  A/C to be turned on and am politely told “Sorry ma’am. It doesn’t work.” UMMMM ESQUEEZE ME? Why in the world are you out here driving for money in the summer without A/C?!? Needless to say I was over it by the time we made it to my destination and was late by the way because the driver didn’t follow the GPS instructions and an additional 7 minutes were added to an already horrific ride.

Me trying not to fall out in the back seat.

You might be thinking “Robin I KNOOOW you stopped using Lyft after that nightmare!” I didn’t though and it’s because Lyft’s customer service rocks. I gave the ride a one star rating and immediately received a text message apologizing for the disaster and received a very nice account credit. I’ve found this response to be very consistent with Lyft since I starting using it regularly in May. Back then I missed out on using a promo code on my first ride and when I let them know they immediately applied the amount to my account. Thaaaanks.

My ride back home was super sweet and my Lyft driver was so cool he wanted to take a picture together to be featured in this post. You know what that old saying 1 out of 15 ain’t bad. Well I couldn’t agree more. My overall Lyft experience has been awesome. I love talking to the driver’s and discovering their back story and why they decided to Lyft. Also, it’s such a convenient way to travel to the airport without worrying about parking or bumming rides. It’s been nice to go to major events and not worry about parking pries and finding a spot as well. Lyft often has promo codes for major events around the city too! Make sure to follow me on Twitter as I post them there when my good friends at Lyft send them to me.

Until next time, keep it breezy and go support something local! I’ll see you around the city soon.


*Most rides mentioned in this article were sponsored by Lyft.