I was recently invited to hang out with a group of local bloggers at Grandview’s Hofbrauhaus* and had a fabulous time exploring their extensive menu! I respect all food cultures but we all know everything isn’t for everyone. Prior to this trip I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to enjoy German food. I like my food a bit on the spicy side and have found German recipes to use calmer seasonings. Well after this experience, I’m already planning my next visit! Not only was the food tasty, the beer was excellent.

From pretzel to cream puffs there isn’t a palate that won’t be pleased during a visit to¬†Hofbrauhaus. The Yard Sampler is an absolute must on your tab, full of various treats to delight your taste buds. From fried pickles to sauerkraut balls, your table is going to love this starter.

The black and bleu salad had me like whoa! This salad is blended perfectly with raw veggies, delicious steak and bleu cheese. The salmon is on point as well, coupled with whipped potatoes and a side of veggies.

Hofbrauhaus is collaborating with local German foodie favorite Schmidt’s with a kick off party this weekend as well. Word on the street is that the beer will be flowing and with options ranging from espresso to blood orange, a good time will be had by all.


Until next time, drink responsibly and enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I’ll see you around the city soon.



*This event was sponsored by Hofbrauhaus.