Poke is popping up all over the city and not just on Facebook!  Pronounced poh-kay, this fresh and healthy cuisine originated from the beautiful state of Hawaii where it was recently introduced to the golden coast of California. Quickly making a statement, the trend then found its way to the East Coast where it is now a popular demand. Patrons of poke establishment generally are presented options of various proteins, such as fresh cut salmon or tuna, which are topped with veggies and sauces.

Signature Bowls  

Columbus is full of Poke Bros. fans, especially because of their wide variety ranging from fresh cut salmon, tuna, steamed chicken or shrimp, and even tofu! Delect your taste buds with their generous selection that includes a plethora of toppings like edamame, avocados, tempura flakes, and you know what, just check out the picture below. OOOOHHH and their sauce game is tight yo.  

Healthy Fast Cas Is Here! 

That’s right good people. We can enjoy a delicious, fast casual meal with virtually zero regrets. These sassy folks prep their  veggies and protein  daily to because high quality poké bowl is all they know how to serve. P.S. Prepare to crave it errrday. 

The Future of Poké

As the poké movement has caught on, Poke Bros has rapidly expanded into multiple states across the Midwest and East Coast, offering the same fresh and authentic cuisine to a wider range of customers.  It’s super cool that a restaurant comprised of many local yokels are doing something canny and creative and you know I’ here for it! Their commitment to offer nothing but the best FRESH ingredients has me swooning.


And these crazy kids are making sure to stay humble with all their coast to coast success. Does this comment not make your heart burst from one of their corporate reps:  “Our team cannot thank our loyal fans enough, who have encouraged and motivated us from the very beginning. We are here today because of you and we are excited to see what the future has in store!”

Wanna know the icing on the cake? Poke Bros. is so into their peeps they have an ongoing IG contest. Take a snap of your poke masterpiece and tag #PokeBrosPRO and you might win a free bowl. Holler. 

I’ll see you around the city soon. <3