Am I the only one that does the hokey pokey as an adult? Every single night I put my left foot in and then violently remove my left leg in the middle of the night when the volcano which has now become my bed tries to engulf me in flames of hotness. And I’m not premenopausal… yet.


One day.

I was graced with a new sheet set. One that cooled my jets and made my nighttime aerobics exercise slow down. Cool days are here again because of my new friends at Ghostbed. OHHH SNAP! I know the perfect way to introduce to the company changing how I sleep. Check it.


Ohhh Ghostbed sheets, you’re revolutionizing the sleep game. Never have I EVER meet a versatile sheet set such as this. Y’all these luxury sheets won’t do you wrong! Weaved together with a unique & luxurious blend of Supima Cotton + Tencel Fibers
GhostGrip, these fitted sheet will stay on securely and never pop off.

The folks behind Ghostbed are so confident that their product is thee best that they offer crazy warranties for each product! The sheets are backed with a three year warranty that simply can’t be matched! Naysayers beware. Consumer Reports has rated Ghostbed’s mattress at  very good or excellent in every category so they are no chumps! Although I haven’t had the pleasure to sink into a Ghostbed mattress I know it has to be the like all their other products I’ve enjoyed (PSSSTTT hint hint Ghostbed friends).

Hustle and flow y’all. Up your sleep game with Ghostbed sheets that work well with ANY bed. Even a futon. Really next level your situation by pairing it with their fancy mattress.


I received a set of sheets in exchange for this review. My sleep pattern glow up was complimentary and so appreciated.