Oh warm weather, how we await your arrival with much anticipation! Dealing with these winter blues can be such a struggle. One of my favorite winter activities is to plan my warm weather travel fun! This year I have a stacked list of places to visit, and have to be incredibly strategic with how I budget my time and money to make my 2019 travel dreams come true.

I’m a little bit (okay maybe more than a little bit) of a tech nerd so having cool tech toys while I travel is important to me. Interestingly, in the U.S. more than a quarter of travel searches occurred on a mobile device – in Europe that number is closer to 50 percent, according to Sojern Global Travel Insights. Searches for travel gadgets are on the rise, and I know I’m a heavy contributor to the number!  An increasing number of travelers from Brampton, Ontario, to Los Angeles, California and beyond are taking advantage of the latest and great technology to enhance their trips. Here’s a quick list of a some pretty cool devices to check out for your next trip. 


Travel-Size Washing Machine

While it’s not exactly a washing machine in miniature, the Scrubba Wash Bag is ideal for those trips where you’ll be on the road awhile and don’t want to have to spend several hours at a laundromat to get your clothes clean. It’s a lightweight, pocket-size wash bag that comes with a flexible washboard that will save you both time and money. All you’ll need is some laundry detergent and water to get your clothes fresh and clean in under three minutes. For backpackers, campers and anyone who likes to venture off the beaten path, this is one travel gadget you’ll have to have. 

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

With Teppy, a device that can be rented or purchased from Tep Wireless, you can connect just about anywhere and don’t have to worry about roam charges, foreign SIM cards and the like when traveling the world. A pioneer in the worldwide Internet industry, many top travel bloggers recommend it, with the pocket Wi-Fi Tep device lasting up to six hours on a charge and connecting up to five devices at once. There are no data transfer restrictions – you can keep your laptop, tablet and smartphone connected in more than 100 countries, with unlimited Internet. What it does is similar to any other portable Wi-Fi hotspot, but Tep does it much better. You can use up to 1 GB a day before the connection speed is maxed out at 256kbs. It returns to normal speed the following day.

Pacum Travel Vacuum

I promise this isn’t to clean up your Air BNB. What it basically does is double the space in your suitcase, dramatically increasing carry-on capacity by condensing bulky clothes into space-saving bags that will neatly fit in any suitcase. It’s smaller than an iPhone X, but incredibly powerful and fast – and, you can still take advantage of early bird Kickstarter deals for purchasing. Delivery will be just in time for our summer vacays.

Portable Keurig

If you feen the bean and this portal Keurig is exactly what you need! The Keurig K-Mini Plus Portable Coffee Maker is your new travel bff. It’s less than five inches wide and makes fresh, delicious coffee from K-Cup pods, with brew cup sizes from six- to 12-ounces. All you have to do is add water – and spoiler alert – it’s super easy to clean too.

Pretty cool gadgets right?! What’s your must-have travel friend? Let me know in the comments.


Until next time, I’ll see you around the city soon.