I’m nearing my 17th year of Midwest living and while many things have changed; there is one thing that has remained the same. Winter is and has always been my official struggle bus season. My first winter in Ohio was extremely shocking. I would literally pass out at the most random and inappropriate times – like while driving on 270. It was an especially difficult and trying time for me. Initially I was diagnosed narcolepsy.  Several sleep studies and prescriptions later, I was officially diagnosed with an intense vitamin d deficiency, and told that I needed to take antidepressants. Eventually seasonal affective disorder was also added to the mix.

Managing S.A.D all these years has taught me much about myself with one sounding truth. I must be proactive in my treatment. When it comes to managing my symptoms naturally, it’s critical to have a regular routine of maintenance.  This year I also created a list of in-house activities to try when I had downtime. Keeping busy is key to staving off the winter blues (for me). I’m in no way a medical professional and truly believe everything doesn’t work for everyone, but if there’s one person searching for suggestions and you stumble upon this, I hope it’s helpful. Please know you’re not alone.

Here’s my quick list of winter actives. My goal is to stay busy and positively distracted as I wait for the warm weather to officially return along with those yummy sun rays. I’ve linked a few items below as well from Amazon that you can check out. Full disclosure: I may receive a few coins if you make a purchase from a link.



For me, the more senses I involve into something, the less my mind wanders. Knitting proved to be an ideal option to keep my mind, eyes, and fingers focused and steady.

Learn How To Play An Instrument

I’m the proud owner for a classic guitar! Although at times it spends more time on the stand than in my hands, it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m house bound. I love strumming the strings and reviewing the basic melodies. I’m also prone to make up my own little tune, lyrics included.


My grandma used to sew everything growing up and I loved watching her take command of her sewing machine.. I’m still at that phase and haven’t dipped my toe all the way in but hope to do so soon. I must say I regret not spending more time with my sweet Grammy while I lived in New Mexico so she could teach me how to sew. I do hope the art isn’t lost on future generations. Creating with our hands is such a beautiful thing. Here’s a cool reference that can teach you to sew.

Well that’s my quick list! Do you have any go-to winter activities that you enjoy? Drop me a comment and tell me all about it! I’ll see you around the city soon.