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What up good people of the interwebs! I hope life has been treating you kindly and well. There is sooo much we need to get caught up like how I’m back on the low-carb train. Hello 2018! Anyway, I’m pretty excited about my keto-ist (making that a word) lifestyle. It’s been an incredibly focused 15 days (don’t you dare laugh) of intentional eating coupled with intermediate fasting (which from this moment on will be dubbed IF).

I’ve discovered this interesting app called Reddit that is full of folks going through what I am calling my “get it girl” life phase. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of barely fitting into theater seats, dealing with major flight anxiety, and a list of other mental, physical, and emotional maladies that come from being obese.

Wow. I haven’t been around for months and am doing a fabulous job of being off topic! Please have patience with me as I get back into this writing thing (we will discuss my hiatus very soon).

Moving right along…

Yesterday someone was talking about a chaffle in the keto group and I thought “what in the world is that?!” I decided to take the question to my old friend Google who told me it was a mix of egg and cheese that’s heated in a mini waffle maker. Folks were claiming up and down the Reddit line that these chaffles don’t taste a bit like egg and are the best invention since sliced bread! I quickly saw that most were using this nifty little waffle maker. With overnight availability and a low price, I ordered it with a quickness.

You can only imagine my excitement when my Ring doorbell rang because I KNEW what was behind door number one. Chaffles. Let the experimenting begin!


I took a thirty second browse on the internet to prepare for my chaffle experimentation. I quickly discovered two things – chaffles would be the easiest thing to create and I had all the ingredients on hand because of my keto lifestyle. For those of you scouring for the ingredients as I did, I’ll save you some time and get right to the grocery list you’ll need.

  • Eggs
  • Cheese

Yes my friends. These are the only two things you need to get your chaffle on! My bonus ingredient would be to grab your favorite spices and add those too!


I know, I know. The mixture looks kinda U-G-L-Y. I promise I have an alibi! This is such an easy process and the rewards are 100% worth it for anyone looking for a substitute crunch, sandwich like item to compliment their low-carb lifestyles. I used one large egg and probably around 1/2 a cup of cheese. I will disclaim now that I don’t measure and eyeball everything. I promise you the results are absolutely worth it! I experimented with all the chaffles I made and one of my favorites was when I put a few drops of Sauce Boss Gang Cayenne Garlic hot sauce. Oh my lawwwdddd. It was soooo savory and delicious. I love me some spice!


Pro Tip: Make sure you use a spatula like this with your mini waffle maker.